Friday, March 25, 2011


The word entrepreneur is probably already familiar ears of modern society, and becomes a very unusual word when shown to someone, because the word is a word that means sort of entrepreneurship or the person as an entrepreneur, where the person has skills in the business, have the motivation Strong to succeed by working hard for himself,

it is also people who have the entrepreneurial spirit can usually manage, organize and run the risk of what he did, not forgetting of course have the creativity to work or create a new opportunity especially in the neighborhood, one of the entrepreneurs that are Prof.Dr . M. Suyanto, MM is none other than the Chairman of STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta.
In addition, he is also renowned as one of the entrepreneur because it has a lot of positions in businesses such as enough; Primagama Group Director, Director of the Center for Computer Education and Management IMKI, RBTV main Commissioner, Commissioner of PT.GIT Solution, Commissioner of Time Excellindo , Commissioner of the SWA FM Radio, Commissioner of Mataram Solar Vision, Commissioner Amikom Training Center, Chairman of the Board Development Programme MM STIE "ABI" Surabaya, Chairman Yasyasan STIE "of this" Yogyakarta, Founder Chairman of the Board of the AMA Foundation in Yogyakarta,
Chairman of the Board of Trustees AMIKOM Surakarta, Surakarta UNU Vice-Chairman of the Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Trustees STMIK IMKI Navan, Board of Founders STIE TEAM Semarang, Bandung Hass AMIK Board Founder, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Foundation STMIK IMKI Semarang, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation Academy Communications Radya Binatama Yogyakarta, Bali Foundation Vice Chairman and the Board of Founders ABA Globalindo Primagama. Besides, as a Caregiver column in the Daily REPUBLIKA metamorphosis and columns in The Daily SOVEREIGNTY OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP and parenting events at RBTV BUSINESS CONFIDENTIAL.
Not Settled! hehe ^ _ ^ who was Chairman of the campus where I was in college ... not only that, he also has many works of books included in the category of Best Seller, and most of the theme of how to become entrepreneurs, even without the capital though. Be the person who has a soul in the age of Entrepreneurship as a solid all-round is now needed an opportunity, innovation, creativity and breakthrough to generate sufficient revenues and deserve to live.


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