Sunday, March 27, 2011

Impressions discourse Haram, UYA Kuya Relax

JAKARTA - Boarding Schools Consultative Forum (FMPP) Java-Madura proscribe hypnotic impressions 'UYA Emang Kuya'. Know tayangannya illicit discourse, so far UYA relaxed."Not bad, Biarin it. Take it easy," said UYA to Legal, Friday (03/25/2011).Impressions hypnotic 'UYA Emang Kuya' declared unlawful. These results are based on the decision of the forum held Bahtsul Masa'il Boarding Schools Consultative Forum (FMPP) Java-Madura to-22 in Pondok Pesantren Darussalam Jajar, Sumbergayam Village, District Durenan, Trenggalek District, Thursday (24/03/2011).The forum was considered, a 30-minute show proved to peel the disgrace of others. Although the aim of entertaining, what the President or a famous celebrity Surya with Kuya UYA name was deemed to have violated the provisions of Islamic law.In addition to reveal disgrace, hypnosis is revealed disobedience and crime is also forbidden (haram) to watch. Because indirectly, those impressions will educate (train) people watching.Although the Java-Madura FMPP declared illegitimate, Muhammadiyah opposed. Regional Board of Muhammadiyah (PWM) East Java assess pengharaman impressions 'UYA Indeed Kuya' is redundant. Because the show hosted by presenter hilarious Surya Utama or UYA Kuya it to be a mere entertainment.While in principle Muamalat relations (relations between the members) 30-minute show it has complied Antarrodhim principles or agreements.About the principles of this agreement is also described by UYA."When hypnotizing visitors, I am obtaining said, 'Please tell me what is fair to say and do not say if it is not feasible to say'. From there it was clear. After all the show was to issue uneg-uneg participants," beber UYA.Also, after being hypnotized, visitors are given the opportunity to see the results of hypnosis. At the end of the show was always displayed session visitors signed the agreement on the stamp. If the relevant objection to running, then not showing.


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